Vacancy Announcement (For Dire Dawa University Presidency)

Vacancy Announcement

Dire Dawa University invites competent candidates to apply for the post of Presidency.


Applicants must:

1. Have a PhD or Masters Degree;

2. Have evidences for serving in Higher Education, Industry, Research Institute or related institutions with a record of immense contribution and performance;

3. Be able to prepare and explain a Strategic Plan that would serve for: • Realizing Quality, Access, Relevance and Internalization in education provided in the university, • Creating Centers of Excellence in the university’ • Devising ways to generate additional income for the university and • Creating and expanding national and international partnerships opportunities.

4. Be able to make brief explanation on Key Strategic plan publicly for University Board members and for University Senate members and concerned bodies.


Must submit photocopies of their academic credentials, work experience, CV and their Strategic Plan (of 5 to 10 Pages) in an enclosed envelop to either the Office of International and Public Relation, Dire Dawa University or Dire Dawa University Liaison Office, Addis Ababa within 15 days from the first date of this announcement.

Addis Ababa Liaison Office Address: - Summit, Behind Dibora School -

                                                             Tel. No. 011 639 02 22

For further information, you can use the following address:

                 Tel. +251 911 69 75 88 / +251 25 111 15 01


Download  Here፡ Criteria , 2009 Annual Plan , Strategic Plan