New Urgent Announcement!

For Dire Dawa University Senior and Fresh Regular Students

It has been known that 2nd year & above Regular students registration date of 2011 E.C Academic Year was scheduled on October 15 and 16/2018 G.C.(ጥቅምት 5 እና 6/2011 ዓ/ም). And Fresh Regular students reporting date was scheduled on October 22 and 23/2018G.C.(ጥቅምት 12 እና 13/2011 ዓ/ም). Therefore, this is to inform you that due to different reasons the date of registration for 2nd year & above students and reporting date for fresh students have been further postponed. All students please be advised that henceforth Ministry of Education (MoE) will notify the updated date of registration and reporting date very recently.

Enrollment, Academic Record and Alumni Directorate