Department of Banking

Background of the Program

Banking and Finance was started in 1982 at Addis Ababa University Commercial College at diploma level. Then after need assessment conducted by ministry of education, there was a high demand for Banking and Finance at a degree level. Accordingly, four universities opened this program at a degree level in banking and insurance namely Addis Ababa University, Adama University, Jimma University and Mekele University. After inaugurations of 10 new universities in 1999 E.C., five universities including Dire Dawa University open and run Banking & Insurance in undergraduate program. Formerly this department is opened with the aim of producing teachers in the area of Banking & Insurance. However, based on the demand of the country for professionals in applied Banking & Finance as well as the policy towards business education and to broaden the graduates job opportunities, they start to offer applied Banking & Finance with the objective of producing competent & qualified human power in Banking and Finance. The department has been contributing a lot in training qualified professionals which are compatible enough with human resource needs of financial industries since 1999 E.C.