Department of Public

Background of the Program

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) Program in Public Administration and Development Management is a training program that combines theories and practices in the organization and management of the Public Sector as well as management of development programs and projects. The program intends to impart knowledge and skills in the areas of Public Administration and Development Management by offering various theoretical and practical courses on the concepts, principles, approaches of Public Policy Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation; Public Finance Management; Human Resource Administration, Public Service Delivery; Development Management; New Public Management; Research Methodology; Project Planning and Management; Leadership and other related subfields in Public Administration.

The BA program in Public Administration and Development Management is intended primarily for those who are planning a career in the administration and management of Public Sector organizations and development processes.Looking back to the past, teaching and learning in Public Administration discipline in Ethiopia started at Addis Ababa University in the early 1950s. During its long history, the governance of the department responsible for coordinating the teaching-learning process in the field of public administration has been changing. In 1961, when Haile Selassie I University was inaugurated, the teaching and learning activities in field of study was managed by an independent department within the Faculty of Arts, labeled as the Department of Public Administration. From 1977 - 1981 the department was organized first under the Department of Political Science and Government,and subsequently under the Department of Management of the College of Business Administration. In 1982, however, a different arrangement that merged the fields of Management (Business Administration) and Public Administration was put in place and the Department of Management and Public Administration (MTPA) was established.

This department had been producing graduates that specialize in Business Administration and Public Administration for over two decades. A major restructuring of the department occurred in 2004. As part of the Program Review of the Addis Ababa University,decision was made to establish an independent department responsible to produce graduates in Public Administration and Development Management labeled as "Department of Public Administration and Development Management" within the Faculty of Business and Economics. Before launching the program in 2004, the curriculum of the department was revised taking into account the global dynamics in the theories and practices of public administration and development management as well as the national demands for skill and knowledge in public and development administration. Currently, the demand for effective public administrator and development manager is highly increasing from time to time in all over the world. As a result, Public Administration and Development Management is being given in about ten (10)Ethiopian public Universities. This modularized curriculum was developed after curriculum was, however, developed taking into account the new "one-year less university education policy" that the government has decided to implement as of September, 2003/2004.