What is Community and Consultancy Service to DDU ?

At university level community can be seen in two ways which are in campus community and external community In campus community includes students, academic staffs, and administrative staffs, and the external community includes different categories of the society and different institutions, organizations and stakeholders (MOE, 2014), (DBU,2015) Community service community service refers to provision of various services to the surrounding community and the society at large (DDU strategic plan ,2015)Community service includes
Voluntary services Voluntary services Refers Services that are provided to the community by the students and staffs which may not need professional skills or knowledge. Examples: cleaning, city beatification, greenery, donations.
Trainings Includes short term training or event based workshop trainings designed to fill competency gap or create awareness. Training can be provided in all kind of professions, skills and knowledge of the university colleges and several disciplines and multidisciplinary departments or units. Example: laboratory skill training
Outreach It is an activity of providing services to the community who might not have sufficient access to the services. It Includes dissemination of knowledge and innovations through designing developing societal projects and developing societal projects, to solve the community developmental, organizational, technological and social problems Example: - Awareness creation, developmental projects, seminars, Newspaper production, School community radio service
Technology transfer It is transferring standardized research results or products to improve organizations capability and the community livelihood at large Example: software, business management concepts/tools/manuals…etc.

Constancy service means any form of professional or technological service rendered to any organization or individual by the University or a staff of the University in accordance with rules and regulations of the University as provided in the Legislation or other instruments. Type of consultancy services include research, training, program/project evaluation, production of materials, advisory or any other service of a professional or/and technical nature. (DDU senate legislation, 2013)