Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Date: Nov 27,2015 - Nov 27,2015

Venue: DDU Conference Center - Blue Hall

Timing: 03:30 PM - 05:30 PM

Dire Dawa Institute of Technology

Presents a public lecture by: Ben Goertzel, Ph.D.

Speaking on: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Current and potential applications of AI in Ethiopia)

The key ideas of specialized and general-purpose artificial intelligence will be introduced. Recent triumphs of AI Technology by Google, Facebook, Baidu, IBM and other large firms, in various areas of specialized AI such as face recognition and medical question-answering, will be summarized. The OpenCog architecture will be reviewed, as an example of an AI system aimed toward human-level artificial general intelligence. Current and potential applications of AI in Ethiopia and throughout the developing world will be discussed, including biomedical analysis, automated tutoring systems, big data mining, robotics and smart power.