Annual research project proposals review workshop

Date: Feb 12,2016 - Feb 13,2016

Venue: Brown and Green Halls, DDU

Timing: 08:00 AM - 05:30 PM

Project Proposals

  • Design of self propelled vertical conveyor reaper machine
  • Design and construction of electric motor vehicle for local transportation
  • Design of self propelled vertical conveyor Reaper machine
  • Design ,fabrication and performance analysis of parabolic Dish Solar Cooker
  • Design ,fabrication and performance analysis of Econ.Des. Solar Dryer
  • Design and fabrication of Manual operated Floor Mill
  • Design, Fabrication and Performance Analysis of Solar Flat Plate Collector
  • Experimental Analysis of Helix Heat Exchanger
  • Production of Biogas Throught Bio Degradable Waste
  • Design and fabrication of Manual Operating Washing Machine
  • Development of passive roof cooling Utilizing nocturnal Cooling system
  • GIS based impact assesment of the new rail way station in melka jebdu over Dire Dawa
  • Design and construction of solar water heater
  • Design of ceramic microfiltration membrane from fly ash
  • conceptual design methodology improvement a cas in poly tech.
  • Assessing the effects of human resource management practices on employee jop performance
  • design and development of jacquard mechanism for hand loom 7 power loom machines
  • assessment and optimization of Arc Welding Process for the application of small and micro enterprise
  • design of 15000 mah hbrid solar power bank for Movile and laptop
  • Development and implementation of warer based air conditioning system
  • Power Generation through speed breakers and pathways for automatic street lightning system