College of Law

Dean’s Message

Welcome to Dire Dawa University School of Law website! It offers a window into the program and people of the institution.
The School of Law at Dire Dawa University is characterized by its diverse, cutting edge, excellent academic staffs in various aspects of law. Our invigorating school, promising students and devoted administration are delighted to offer you an opportunity to look into our unique community and to become part of our future, the future of law and humanity in a multicultural society of Ethiopia. Our students advocate in Dire Dawa City and federal courts; launch and assist to provide vital advocacy for vulnerable community such as for prisoners, for children with disabilities and other pauper women.
We are devoted to explore the rule of law, legal institution and their meaning in Ethiopia and having comparative insights as well.
We believe that law cannot and should not be disengaged from real life challenges- society, history, culture, economy, and politics. Law has been formed and is being shaped through those forces and it should strive to shape them in order to promote and maintain justice and democracy as well as the overall socio-economic development of Ethiopia. We are always seeking opportunities to develop ourselves and we are always in a dialogue on how to improve our capabilities to inspire and to be inspired, to make research and to teach the same.
I hope that you enjoy your virtual visit to the School of Law through this website.

“There is no humanity without law and no humans without human rights.”