Community Services

Community Engagement and Free Legal Aid

A spirit of public service infuses the School of Law “Justice to the poor and learning by serving” is dearly held motto of Dire Dawa University School of Law. Dire Dawa School of Law is established in 2001 E.C admitting 106 students. The three pillars of duties School of Law assumes is teaching, researching and community service. Apart from carrying out teaching and conducting researching, School of Law is highly committed to render free legal aid services to the poor and vulnerable section of the community residing in Dire Dawa Council Administration. Dire Dawa University School of Law Legal Aid Center was established by financial aid provided to School of Law under the auspices of Ethiopian Human Right Commission in 2003 E.C the total sum is exactly 133,000.00. The beginning of establishment there were two Legal Aid Service Centers namely, Shenile Zone High Court, and FDRE Federal High Court Dire Dawa Bench.
The Twin objectives of Legal Aid Center are academic objectives and community service objectives. Academic objectives comprises of teaching means of learning from experience, exposing students to firsthand exposure to actual mores of profession; providing collaborative learning; providing professional skills to students and instilling and developing culture of advocacy role and etc. The priority is renderin g community service to unprivileged members of the society that ranges from community legal literacy, counseling, preparation of petitions and memorandum without representation and other services. Legal Aid Center since its establishment it has been rendering legal services to poor and vulnerable section of the society in areas such as Family, Employment, Extra contractual, Property, Succession, Pauper litigation, Pleading and its amendments, Appeal and its amendments, Execution, Criminal appeal, ADR, Insurance, Affidavit Commercial laws etc.