The School of Law currently runs the Bachelor of Laws -LL.B Program (Regular and, Continuing and Extension Program (DCEP).


The general objective of the undergraduate program is to provide basic legal training to the students. More specifically, the program aspires:-

  • to equip students with basic knowledge of major national legislations and procedures, along with the skills of legal interpretation required to solve legal problems;
  • to train professionals who will be able to undertake the technical aspects of drafting and revising laws;
  • to enhance the critical thinking abilities of students so that they can understand and implement laws as judges, practicing lawyers, prosecutors, public defenders or academicians
  • to train professionals who can deliver legal advice in public and business laws either by working for particular firms or individuals seeking such advice;
  • to educate individuals who will be able to speak to and advise clients with professionalism, understanding and responsibility;
  • to prepare dedicated persons who can research and publish, and hence reinforce Ethiopian legal jurisprudence; and
  • to produce legal professionals who serve society with the highest heed to ethical values, who strive to defend rights and liberties and uphold the fundamentals of rule of law.


Students who completed the national preparatory education with acceptable grades and wish to join the schools of law will be selected from a list of students assigned to the social sciences streams on a competitive basis or be placed in the regular program by the Ministry of Education.


Under the harmonized national curriculum, the regular program of the schools of law leading to the award of the LL.B Degree takes five years of two semesters each to complete.