Library Collections

Reserve Collection

  • Collects over all items which are selective for reading.
  • All materials in the reserve collection may be used in the library for spot reading.
  • it includes course reserve and library reserve

Stack Collection

These are the collection that accessible to users who use for long (home take) loan that may lasts fifteen days for instructor, three days for under and post graduate students.

These items classified on the shelf according to their classification and call number. Call number is a unique identifier that is provided to specific item.

References and Research Collection

  • These are collections used for ready reference or quick information, indicative works, and referral service.
  • These kinds of collections include any ready reference sources, such as Journals Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks, Year Book, World Almanac, Map, and Manual.
  • These are organized in special area in the library labeled with a mark 'ref' in the spine of each material and arranged sequentially by call number.
  • Reference materials are not allowed, by any means, to be checked out from the library.

Periodical Collections

  • These are items that appear periodically in regular basis in sequence with volume and issue number.
  • They range from subject (professional) journals to Newspaper and magazine

E-Resources Collection

  • These are Collection that found in our digital Library ( and in Library CD/DVDs displays.
  • This collection includes any form of e-book, audio and video tutorial arranged by subject.

Library catalogue

    The DDULIS uses both traditional and OPAC as its principal gateways to all its collections. OPAC is a tool used to direct the user in order to look for the item(s) in the library according to her/his need. The items can be looked for either by author, title, call number or ISBN.