College of Medicine

Aspart of the Development of our country the level of health care is one major part. The number of health centers and hospitals is increasing from time to time but in contrary the number of physician is not as such enough and this was the main reason for the establishment of our school by Ministry of health and ministry of education.

Dire-Dawa University, School of medicine is one of the thirteen medical schools which were established two years back with a new competency based curriculum having an objective of alleviating the scarcity of physicians in Ethiopia. It has already got around a total of 135 students in two batch. The school has got a total of 13 academic staffs from which 9 are general practitioner physicians (MD), 2 public health specialists (1 master in epidemiology and 1 master in reproductive health), 1 biochemist and 1 pharmacologist. Among the staffs three are expatriates. Infrastructure wise the school has built a small anatomy lab having two cadavers and has already finished one micro digital library. At the moment both the anatomy lab and the digital library are on the verge of giving service and they havenot started giving the service till now because of scarcity of some resources.

This year the school has done some major tasks. One of the major arm of course delivery system is Problem based learning which the have started applying after having trained staff and by the help of this methodology the school has made the students work together more. The general practitioners from the school are working in dil chora hospital and by that they have smoothed the hospital service which is a paramount help for the community of Dire-Dawa. DDU medical school has participated in different panel discussions for students and instructors in collaboration with different stakeholders like the campus cross-cutting issue office, health bureau and NASTAD.