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Course: IT Essential Pc Hardware and Software

Goals: - You will gain practical knowledge, experience, and confidence in hardware repair and software installation, upgrade and troubleshooting. You will be able to identify the component of desktop and laptop parts, which will fully prepare you for COC examination.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the IT Essentials course, students will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Define information technology (IT) and describe the components of a personal computer
  • Describe how to protect people, equipment, and the environment from accidents, damage, and contamination
  • Perform a step-by-step assembly of a desktop computer
  • Explain the purpose of preventive maintenance and identify the elements of the troubleshooting process
  • Install and navigate an operating system
  • Configure computers to connect to a network
  • Upgrade or replace components of a laptop based on customer needs
  • Describe the features and characteristics of mobile devices
  • Install and share a printer
  • Implement basic hardware and software security principles


Bisrat Ayalew: Cisco Instructor and Coordinator

Tewodros Alemayehu: Training and Consultancy Team Lead