College of Natural & Computational Sciences

Establishment: since 1999 E.C. (2006 G.C)
Vision: To Excel in research and community service by 2025, apart from the teaching-leaning activities
Mission: To produce graduates who are able to carry out problem-solving researches and community services; skilled to give short term trainings and consultancy services in the field of science.
Value: Striving to deliver quality education; supporting practical courses with laboratory, tutorial and field visits; administering “Diagnostic Test” for new students and support them as per the diagnosis thus obtained; supporting academically “poor” students under a special program; attempting to create linkages with Professional Associations Universities and other stakeholders.
History: used to be called, until restructured in 2004 E.C (2010 G.C), “School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences”, consisting of three departments: Life Science (Biology and Sport Science Streams), Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry Streams), and Mathematical Sciences (Mathematics and Statistics Streams).
Future Perspectives: To open Post Graduate Study Programs of the available departments in the near future.
Programs under the School includes: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Sport Science and Statistics.
General Information about graduates: They are geared to be more of practical, gaining skills via laboratory supports and field visits.
Currently enrolled students: there are 1364 students (873 male and 491 female) under the regular program and 1285 students (1043 male and 242 female) under the summer in-service program, totaling to 2649 students (1916 male and 733 female).
Staff: there are 83 staffs on duty (2 of which are PhD degree in Physics and 5 are on a partial study leave for PhD degree, the rest being all MSc degree holders); 31 staffs are on a full time study leave (20 of them for PhD degree and the rest for MSc), totaling to 118 full time Ethiopian staffs; and 9 laboratory technicians.

The school is comprised of young enthusiastic and energetic staff who are committed to provide their students the finest science education and a supportive learning environment besides involving in problem solving researches and consultancy service.It is our pleasure to welcome all the science students all over the country to our school.