DDU Introduces New Organizational Structure

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Posted on: Jul 28,2015

DDU introduced new organizational structure that will be put in place by substituting the existing structure. The new organizational structure is expected to bring about a new organizational transformation of the University.

The news about new organizational structure was revealed following an endorsement given by the University Senate in a meeting held on April 16, 2015 inside Senate Room.

This new structure was set after new BPR recalibration process that took nearly a year, that it has been introduced by two separate tasked committee which set by the President early this year: from the administrative wing and academic wing of the staff.

The new structure has been set with man power requirement, activities to be done, duties and responsibilities and job title. The structure also has its implementation manual. The cost benefit analysis and other important components were also addressed in the structure. The outcome of the recalibration processes will be seen after it is implemented to the ground. 

It is believed that the effects of the change should be felt at every level and the key is having a clear vision on how to capitalize the efforts to accommodate the escalating national and international needs and build the reputation of the University. The tone of the evaluative meeting at Senate Hall has hosted constructive comments as session was mainly meant for inspiring such feedbacks. Definitive comments were also sourced from presidents, deans and directors over loose treatment of duties and responsibilities, consistency in language.

Revision will go on until the draft gets a viable and complete shape and implementation will follow the sooner possible.