Public Seminar Organizes by Physics Department

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Posted on: Jul 28,2015

Public Seminar Organized by Physics Department inviting a guest:  Prof. A.V. Gholap -LASER physics Professor from Addis Abeba University from May 6-7 in Blue Hall.

During Opening ceremony, Dr. Yitbarek  Getachew,  A/R/A/V/ President said, such types of seminar teaches all the University community about new sciences that such an emerging types of sciences in both developed and developing countries are very crucial for our University professionals. He then expressed his hope that other departments will take the initiatives and present such type of public seminar.  At last he thanked the Department of Physics for taking the initiatives and prepares the seminar.

Following the opening speech, Dean of School of Natural and Computational Science (SNCS), Ato Bamlaku Simagne, said in his part that such type of seminar would motivate other departments of the School to go in the same line and initiate to work hard.

Then Prof. A.V. Gholap presented his power point on the application of Lasers and Photonics in military, in industry (in cutting, welding), agriculture, research, entertainment, security, remote sensing, medicine (such as in surgery, cancer treatment), CD, bar code reader, digital communication, holography and in other areas of science with life experience and examples.  

During the seminar, more than 220 participants: academic staff from SNCS, Institute of Technology and all students of the Department participated.