School of Natural and Computational Science held 2nd Round Research Proposal Review Workshop

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Posted on: Jul 28,2015

School of Natural and Computational Science held the 2nd round research proposal review workshop on May 6, 2015 in Brown Hall. During the review more than 17 research titles were presented and defended before the presence of the School staff.

The titles that were presented in this 2nd round proposal review were the following: from  Biology Departments, “ Wildlife Threats and Their Relative Severity : Implication For Ecological Monitoring of protected Areas in Land Mass of Eastern Ethiopia” by Getachew M.,  Shimelis A., Neyew A.; “Biomedical waste management Practices and Improved Alternatives in public and private Health Institutions In Dire Dawa Eastern  Ethiopia” by H/mariam M., Molla F., Abaynesh E.; “Road Kill of Wild Life Across Homed Ethio-Djibouti Highway Passing Through Three Selected protected Areas  In Eastern Ethiopia”  by  Getaches M., Shimelis A., Eneyew A., Dejen A.,  Melese K.,Samuel; “Knowledge, Attitude and Practices  of Law Enforcement  Agents on Wilde Life Trafficking in Selected Bottleneck Transit Route of Eastern Ethiopia”,  by Getaches M., Shimelis A., Eneyew A., Dejen A., Mesel K.; “Microbial Quality Assessment of Swimming pool Water in Dire Dawa City Administration”  by Molla F., H/mariam M.,  Abaynesh E.,    Tasswe G.; “Cultivation of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus Ostreatus) Using Saw Dust And Grass Atraw Substrate”  by Molla F., Atnafu K., Tadesse T., Tassew G.; From  Chemistry Department “Fixing The proportion  of Traditionally prepared Weaning  Food Ingredients for Different Age Level”    by Jibril A., Menure H.; from Mathematics Department “ In What Ways Will The 5 In I Cooperative Learning Groups Affects learning In Computational Sciences” by   Yallew M., Wassale G., Anteneh T.; from Sport Science Department “The Role of School Physical Education Curriculum in Developing the Sport performance in Dire Dawa City Administration”  by Brhanu K., Tsegye M., Roman T.; from Statistics Department “Survival Analysis on Child Mortality in Dire Dawa City Administration” by Mesfin T., Leta L., Bedasa T.; from Statistics Department “ Determinants of Road Traffic and fatalities and injuries in Dire Dawa City Administration”  by Mesfin T., Amsalu A., Gizaw T., Bedasa  T.; “Statistical  Modeling for the Survival of patients with Diabetes Mellitus” by Dejen A., Taddesse T., Enyew A.; from Physics Department “Environmental Noise pollution in Dire Dawa City” by Solomon  Z., H/mariam M., Amsalu A.; “ Characterization of “X” Material Found Dire Dawa Rural District” by Solomon  Z., Edris T, Getasew  M.; “Measurement of Radium Concentration and Rodon Exhalation Rates of Soil Samples Collected From Dire Dawa City” by Samson M., Abebe T.