Training on Econometrics with Software Application Organizes

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Posted on: Jul 28,2015

Organizing by school of Business and Economics, training on Econometrics with Software Application was given from April 17 – 26/ 2015 in DDU Red Hall. The training was given by Ato Solomon Estifanos from Economics Department.

According to Ato Solomon the general objective of the training was to equip School of Business and Economics  academic staff with the knowledge and skill of econometrics and be able analyze and conduct empirical investigations in different field of studies. Moreover, the training helps participants develop an understand the theory and application of econometrics; translate results from econometric analysis based on econometric principles into useful and reliable policy reasoning; evaluate and understand empirical papers in professional journals, and provide trainees with practical experience of using econometric computer software i.e. STATA to fit different quantitative and qualitative models and  thereby they will easily transfer their knowledge to their students.

At the end of the training participants said to have had a solid understanding about the classical regression model and be able to conduct their own empirical investigations and critically evaluate econometric and other statistical evidence in their research works.

Majority of the School staff participated in the training.