An Election for the Position of Deans and Directors held

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Posted on: Jul 28,2015

Dire Dawa University held an election for the position of deans and directors on December 15, 2014 in Twins Hall.

In  his  opening  speech,  Dr. Girma Goro, DDU President said: ‘Since the new management came to power, it has been working hard, mainly with the staff kind collaboration, to bring drastic change in all round of the University and register significant scores. So one of a step among those significant ‘changes’ necessary to  bring in  the  University, is the running of an election to the position of middle managements. This, particularly has becoming important following the general meeting that was held on September 29, 20014, whose feedbacks and comments had a sense of  ‘change’ to  be  addressed to the middle managements.”

Since then, he added, top management has been curious  on  the  issue  and  has been working hard to bring it to the ground. As a result, first Middle  and  Lower Level Leaders Election and Appointment Manual (Guideline) was produced and endorsed. Then, as per of the Guideline, an Electoral Committee that was represented from all schools and gender, was formulated.  He further said: ‘The Committee has designed a working plan and been implementing it as per of the schedule working all the days.’ He thus thanked the Electorate Committee for a very painstaking job they have carried out  since the  beginning of the process.

He at last requested electors to make a free election and choose persons whom they believe can lead the schools and implement the policy. The Electoral Committee that was responsible to facilitate and run this election was assigned by and close supervision of VPARA Office. In the election, academic staff and students  representatives of the schools, department heads, Senate members and presidents were involved. During the election process, 31 candidates who applied for the deans and directors position took a stage for self introduction and candidacy. The 2007 E.C deans and director election process, the first in its kind in the history of DDU, was witnessed by observers, and invited guests from in and outside of the University.

Names of winners of the election are: Ato GebreKiristos Gebresilassie Dean of School of Business and Economics, Ato Takele Bekele Dean of School of Social Science and Humanities, Ato Gizachew Girma Dean of School of Law, Ato Desalegn Bekele, Dean of School of Medicine, Ato Bamlaku Simegn Dean of School of Natural and Computational Science, Ato Desalegn Olgira Coordinator of the Continuous Education Program, W/rt Emam Ahmed Director for Library Information Service, Ato Getenet Tollosa  Director for the Registrar and Enrolment and Academic Record, Ato Amare Kenaw Director for Research and Technology Interchange, Ato Andom Berhe Director for Quality Enhancement and Academic Program Affairs and Ato Edgetu Adane Director for School of Graduates.

Positional change has also moved downward to the level of department heads land associate  dean  as  of  last  week and is on process. 

DDU Weekly says to all newly elected deans and directors congratulation! .