Farewell Dinner for Ato Yared Ayele, Acting Director of ICT, Prepares

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Posted on: Jul 28,2015

Ato Yared Ayele who has worked in DDU being Acting Director of the ICT has departed after nearly 5 years of service. In a farewell dinner party held  at Ras Hotel on January 2, 2015, Ato Yared who was diligent and industrious was officially departure in a presence of his workmates and Managements.

During the  event, Dr Girma Goro, DDU President appreciated Ato Yared (and  his team as well) for his significant contribution in the expansion of ICT. He also extended his appreciation to Ato Yared’s work habit who usually works late at night. Following the speech, Ato Yared received a present from the hand of the President as a marking to the recognition of his work.

Ato Yared who is well known by his staff for his good management skills thanked the Management, his workmates all DDU staff for their good will and friendliness during his career in the ICT.

During his speech Ato Yared showed a sigh of sobriety as tears rolling down over his cheeks, saying that he will miss the DDU staff very much. During his career in the ICT, Ato Yared introduced Electronic Student Management System (ESRS) Version 1.0 and Electronic Students Registration Systems (ESRS) Version 2.0 in the year between 2013-2014. As a result, starting from the year 2014 all freshman students were able to register online. The system was also allowed the University to manage student data in electronically and able to get accurate statistical data about them.  Moreover, students  are able to login to the system to enroll for courses.

Ato Yared  was  very  positive about  the  full  implementation of the system with strong internet access, see it fully utilized by all staff and contribute to the successful integration of the University business process. However, although the ESRS is fully functional and can contribute to effectiveness of the teaching and learning processes, he was very sad that  he has to depart earlier than seeing it in its working process, with the students and teachers enjoying the system.

It is, however, expected that the current team whose contribution to the fully function of the system has also been  great, will assure the realization of the system–ESRS into real and the continuity of other started projects to their end.