New Elected Deans and Directors Vow to Serve Schools with all their Effort

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Posted on: Jul 28,2015

Dr. Girma Goro, DDU President who made an opening speech, first thanked everyone for attending the ceremony, and then acclaimed the former deans and directors who, from the very beginning, have been much willed and worked collaboratively in the transformation process.

He said: ‘Your positional change doesn’t mean that you are no more work closely with the management; instead, like yesterday, we will call you anytime and participate in the succeeding of the transitional processes. Your honest presence and working closely with us being part of the agent has smoothed the transition process we have carried out. We are not started from zero. There has been an immense job done earlier. So with this new force (i.e., the new deans/directors), being hand in hand, we will continue strengthening what have been started and propel forward and secure the University mission.’

Dr. Yitbareg Getachew, Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs, who also addressed the speech said in his part that ‘the responsibility of sustaining and continuing what have been started so far in schools and offices lies not only in the hand of newly elected deans and directors, but also in the former deans and directors;’ so, he added, ‘when the new deans and directors start offices, the former deans and directors should support and share to them what has been done earlier and help to maintain and transfer the ‘institutional memory’ to the next stage. So by working together you have to keep and maintain the schools resource and knowledge and make them transform to the future.’ 

Then comments and suggestions were forwarded from both (from the former and the new) deans and directors. Letter of recognition, along with present, were also given to all former deans and directors, whereas letter of recommendation were to the newly elected deans and director by the University president.

 It was during this time that the new deans and directors were vowed to serve the University with all their effort. At last, dinner was served.