Curriculum Review Workshop on BSc Degree and Master Program hold

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Posted on: Oct 07,2015

College of Business and Economics has organized curriculum review workshop on BSc Degree in Land and Real Property Valuation and Master Degree in Business Administration on August 15, 2015.

Dr Girma Goro, the President, in his opening remark said that, launching Bsc Program in Land and Real Property Valuation in the higher educational institutions would have importance to the government to access well trained personnel in the area who could manage the land system in modernized way. He thus thanked Ministry of Urban Development, Housing and Construction, particularly the Modernized Tax Project Office for their electing DDU to host BSc Program in Land and Real Property Valuation.

With the presence of the University Presidents, invited guests, and the internal and external reviewers, the morning session was given for Land and Real Property valuation Curriculum Reviewers.

Mr. Daniel and Mr. Wendifraw, PhD Candidates from Pedagogical Science Department forwarded their insight being from internal reviewer point of view. On their presentation, they have pointed out important correction to be made by the curriculum developers. The staff profile, the teaching learning methods to be applied, the background of the program, the program inclusiveness for in-service learning divisions, the visibility of credit hours with credit point transfer system, the quality assurance aspects of the curriculum, the ownership of the courses, and the redundancy of preparatory courses, were among the areas addressed by the internal reviewers.

Mr. Abebe Kebede, the external reviewer, who stated his prior experience working as an advisor on area of Land and Real Property Valuation with the former three mayors of the Addis Abeba City Administration, first expressed his privilege for chosen as one of the external reviewers.

In his presentation, Mr. Abebe then forwarded some of the following comments. First, he commented on the communication skills module in that the courses presented in the module have not been considered in parallel with the profession at hand. As he stated, courses in the module have been made to give much emphasis on the language aspects.

He also commented that in civic education courses, the contents needed for this specific department (Land and Real Property Valuation) should be taught in line with the code of con-ducts.

Talking about the level of mathematics needed for the practitioners he stated “We practitioners, who are working in the real world, do not need the complex mathematical knowledge. What we need is a very simple knowledge of mathematics. So the mathematics courses in the curriculum course catalog have been very complex in their nature.

Then in the afternoon session, the time was devoted for Master in Business Ad-ministration program curriculum reviewers. The internal and external re-viewers raised critical ideas and forwarded to the curriculum developers. The curriculum developers at last reacted on raised issues.

The one day review work-shop was officially closed by Dr. Girma Goro, the President, who thanked all participants, particularly the external reviewers who have traveled long distances and critically evaluated the two curriculums.

He expressed his wishes that the two programs would be opened soon with full human resource and necessary materials.


(Reporting &Editing by Eyob Nega)