Participants Comment on the newly drafted Admin Code of Conduct

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Posted on: Oct 07,2015

Newly drafted administration code of conduct was presented for staff comment on a meeting held on July 16, 2015 in Conference Hall.

The draft administration code of conduct that was presented for discussion was designed by the directorate office of the DDU Ethics and Anti-Corruption Council (EACCD) in collaboration with College of Law (CL).

Ato Henok Ayele, Director of the EACCD and Ato Endawok Tsegaw from CL who presented the draft document using power point have made an extensive discussion with participants on the document. As a result, participants were able to forward constructive comments which would serve as a vital input for the improvement of the document.

In a similar storey, in a half day meeting that was held on July 17, 2015, the University Rent Seeking document which was prepared by the University EACCD was presented for approval. However, after having thorough discussion with the managements and staff, the document was commented to be revised with important inputs and endorsed by another meeting


(Reporting & Editing by Eyob Nega)