The University Launches new programs in Oromo and Somali Languages

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Posted on: Oct 07,2015

After taking more than two years of development period, new undergraduate programs in Afan Oromo and Somali Languages have been launched on September 15, 2015.

In his opening speech Dr, Girma Goro, DDU President stated that based on the FDRE constitution which gives every citizen to develop and promote its language, and based on the finding of need assessment collected from the surrounding community, including regional governments, College of Social Science and Humanities were able to commence BA Degree Pro-gram in Oromo Language and Literature and Somali Language and Literature.

Moreover, he added that as higher educational institution, DDU who is also mandated to preserve and promote languages of the indigenous people, gave its full support to the College in order to commence of programs in short time.

He the expressed his believes that the opening of these programs would help to meet the current needs as well as the future demands of the market with skilled and well trained manpower of these languages.

He then extended his heartfelt felicitations to the College of Social Science and Humanities staff especially to the committee that was responsible to the opening of the programs. He also thanked different examiners, guests, particularly Somali Regional State, Oromia Regional State, Dire Dawa Administration and other stake holders who have been of a great help to the programs commencement.

Then discussions and comments on the module preparation and human and capital recourses of the programs was forwarded by the participants.

The deputy head of the Somali Region Education Bureau, Ato Abdi Gedie, who has also been invited to the stage to express his felling about the launching of the programs said that “I am very pleased to see this moment and I ac-knowledge the commitment made by every individual and stakeholders especially the Dire Dawa City Council.”

He also reminded the audiences that for the coming GTP 2 years more assignments would be done, as it has been before, to enrich and scale up the Somali Language as parts of development activities.

“When Jigjiga University first launched the Somali Language Department three years ago, we re-member that the Univer-sity had a mission to meet; the needs of the schools in the region. They were in need of skilled teachers in Somali Language.” he re-marked. Representing his Excellency Adem Faraha, Dupty Mayor of Dire Dawa City Administration, Mr Mohammed Ibrahim acknowledged DDU’s commitment that made the possibilities.

At the end, curriculum participants received a certificate of recognition from the hand of University President and deputy of Education Bureau of Ethiopian Somali Region.

DDU is the second public University that formally launched B.A degree pro-gram in Somali language next to Jigjiga University.

(Reporting & Editing by Eyob Nega)