DDU is Running Panel Discussion on GTP 2

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Posted on: Oct 15,2015

Dire Dawa University is running a university wide serious of panel discussion with its senior as well as its fresh students on GTP 2 from October 6 - 16, 2015. The discussion is happening inside the two students’ cafeterias, student’s launch and conference room. 

In his press conference Dr Girma Goro, the university president, said “The government has a clear strategy plan which is emanated from its vision. The government has clearly revealed this vision in the GTP 1 and 2: i.e., to to extricate its society from poverty and make the country to be a middle income country. To this end this panel discussion whose purpose is to create awareness and reach on consensus about the implementation GTP 2 with students, have been run by the university.

During the panel discussion students showed their solidarity on GTP 2 implementation and vowed to contribute their best through their profession.

In the panel discussion more than 11, 000 senior and fresh students participated.


(Written and Edited by Nega Gezahegn)