DDU Celebrates 10th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Day

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Posted on: Jan 23,2016

Dire Dawa University has colorfully celebrated the 10th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Day on December 4, 2015 in its campus at the Brown hall.

Zemenu Yesigat, a Lecturer from the College of Law, has presented the paper entitled “Building One Economic& Political community and Constitutionalism”. In pointing out on the very nature and concept of constitutionalism in the context of Ethiopian constitution, Zemenu outlined that the rule of law and the will of the people are the most important elements as they are the springboard in the process of building one economic& political community.

He says “Due to the fact that constitution of the country guarantees peace and democracy in nationwide; people are living in harmony and they are exercising these rights’’.

He further states that Ethiopia's federal system gives recognition for ethnic diversities in the country, and celebration of the day enables Nations, Nationalities to exchange their culture, and enhance their harmony.

He added that marginalized Nations and Nationalities in the past are now exercising their rights and they became beneficiaries of sustainable peace and development in the country. Good governance, Ethnic Federalism Vs Developmental State, Ethinocracy Vs Meritocracy were some of is-sues which have been put for discussion.

G/Kirstos, Dean of College of Business and Economics, states “Though developmental achievements are being scored and registered, especially on infrastructures, throughout the country, the development activities should go line with quality. It is true that in some sectors, quality is being compromised. On the other hand, the bureaucracy is also another challenges. Therefore;  these challenges have to be addressed as to sustain the current economic development of the country”.

Recognizing the event, participants have also reflected their feeling saying that commemorating the day served as an important forum for nations, nationalities and peoples to show their respective cultures; learn about cultures of other ethnic groups and show unity in diversity as Ethiopians and strong solidarity for peace.

In response to the reactions made by the panelists, Zemenu has pointed out the features of the government which are manifested in developmental state arena.

He further notes, “To be effective in this political ideology of developmental state the government has to have the commitment and the capacity to execute its policies”.

In the name of the day, there has also been question and answer session among the students of mainly from college of law and Social Science and Humanities.

President and V/presidents, Directors, Deans, department heads, academic and supportive staffs, students, and other invited guests were in the attendance.

The event discussion was moderated by Dr. Girma Goro.