The University Commemorates Disables Day for 2nd Time

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Posted on: Jan 23,2016

Dire Dawa University has commemorated international day of persons with disabilities on Dec 10, 2015 at Brown hall with the theme “Inclusion Matters: access and empowerment of the people of all abilities”.

On the workshop organized by the student Union with Crosscutting issues Directorate, the DDU’s President, Dr. Girma Goro, in his opening speech noted that commemorating the day aims at promoting understanding of disability issues, equalization of opportunities and mobilizes support for the dignity, rights and wellbeing of persons with disabilities.

He says “This event slogan, “Inclusion Matters: access and empowerment for people of all abilities” also describes our struggle for the great strides towards changing and improving the conditions of people with disabilities in collaboration and forging of strategic partnerships with various role-players in society. So I would like to urge all of you from organizations of people with disabilities, professionals, and business persons to unite and work with us for equality and justice for the community of people with disabilities”.

After the opening speech, a paper entitled “Global & Local status of Persons with disabilities”, was presented and the participants were invited for discussion.

In his presentation, Mr. Zemen Buzualem remarks that persons with disabilities often face various forms of barriers almost in all aspects of societal life, expressed through social discrimination and which gradually lets them not enjoy equal access to services.

“As home for many students with disabilities, Dire Dawa University values every bit of any effort that goes to benefit per-sons with disabilities” said Mrs. Selamawit, Director for Crosscutting Issues.

She further said that the office has been trying its level best to make the University accessible through promoting barrier free learning and teaching environment since 2003 E.C.

On the event, Brihan Theatrical and Cultural Center has entertained the attendants with different songs.

Facts about people with disabilities:

  • 10 %( 1billion people) of the world population are people with disabilities. Of this number, 70-80% of them are found in developing countries.
  • According to the joint report of WHO & WB, 15 M (17.6%) of the people are disabled in Ethiopia. Out of these, 16.87% and 83.13% are living in urban and rural areas respectively.
  • 42.92% of people with disabilities are not participating in economic activities.
  • Around 23 types of disabilities are dictated in Ethiopia, according to census 1995 G.C.  
  • From 2.4 to 4.8 millions of estimated number of children with disabilities, only 3% percents of them are schooled.
  • 60 % of persons with disabilities found in Ethiopia are not employed.
  • (340, 1728, 48-49, 162) are some of legal articles in civil and criminal codes used for ruling court cases of which related to persons with disabilities.