Dire Dawa University to receive donated books

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Posted on: Jan 23,2016

Two USA based and one Italy based transnational organizations are on the way to hand over different books to Dire dawa university.

The International Book Project (IBP), a US based book donating charity is transporting different types of textbooks to make available to Dire Dawa University.

Firew Girma, a lecturer in Department of English Language and Literature, and is also the main contributor in searching for international donors for this project states, “These textbooks are brand new and have never been touched be-fore as they are directly from the international known publisher, i.e. McGraw Hill. IBP is undertaking the shipping process to provide more than fourteen thousand books to Dire Dawa University which is valued at around 10 million ETB”.

“The books are from different disciplines such as business/finance, math/science, medical, computer/Tech, social studies, and reading/writing books; the project has also costed more than USD 4,000 for shipping the books from USA to port of Djibouti which is in fact covered by the US Embassy in Addis” he added.

It’s also remembered that last year Dire Dawa University was able to receive more than 16,000 college and high school texts from two book donating charities from abroad; Books for International Goodwill (BIG) and Abdu Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)-Marie Curie Library Foundations.

As for Firew he is hopeful that all academic staffs of the university as well as more than 17,000 under-graduate students who are currently enrolled in several programs are very grateful for the donation made last time which is of substantial help for them in the teaching and learning process.

In addition, these donations are very important contribution for a profound education of young people from all over Ethiopia.