SSH College Presents Semi Annual Report

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Posted on: Mar 03,2016

One of the colleges in Dire Dawa University, College of Social Science and Humanities has presented the semiannual work report for the lecturers who are teaching within the ten departments in the college.

Mr. Takele Bekele, dean of the college, has briefly presented the report to the gathered lecturers at Brown hall in dire dawa university campus on Tuesday January 26, 2016 by starting with opening remark.

The semiannual report was focused on the planned activities to be undertaken within the six months of the academic year both at department level and college at large mainly on teaching-learning, community services, and research. 

The College of Social Science and Humanities has commenced undergraduate programmes with 22 lecturers and 300 students of four departments such as Amharic, English, Geography, and History. In the present time, the college is able to enroll 2592 and undergo the learning teaching activities; of these numbers of students, 372 male and 254 female students are under the regular program. 1298 male and 668 female students are also under extension programmes. And again, the number of lecturers is about 116; among these lecturers in the college, 87 are on duty and 29 are in study leave for their further education. Based on the BPR structure, the college of social science and humanities has come up with ten departments; these departments are Amharic, English, geography, history, political science, psychology, Afan Oromo, Afan Somali, pedagogy, and civic and ethical education. Civic and ethical education is now providing logic and sociology common courses along with civic and ethical education major courses.

According to the report briefed by Mr. Takele, commencing in 1999 E.C up to now, College of Social Science and Humanities has been delivering enormous full-fledged and ethical citizens to the development of the nation. As of its national mission, the college is striving to accomplish the goal by taking and adapting the 2008 e.c university wide annual and strategic plans from the university management.

Accordingly, the college has prepared institutional plans in line with the annual plan of the university, and each department has taken the plan; even each lecturer has prepared and submitted their individual plans to their departments. Within the six months of the current academic year, the learning-teaching, research, and community services are organized according to the BSC, and on those issues which gained mutual understanding, every individual is exerting enormous effort for the accomplishment.

Hence, most of the six month planned activities which comprise of teaching-learning, community services, and research are fully undertaken at the department and college levels. The planned activities mostly included in balance score card (BSC), strategic planning, and kaizen implementations. And also, the extent where the college goes up in implementing modularization was presented; according to the college, students were graduated in 2007 E.C for the first time by the new modularization curriculum, and now each and every department in the college is implementing the modularization.