STEM 2008 is Closed Successfully

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Posted on: Sep 01,2016

Dire Dawa University gave short term training on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) training for Dire Dawa city and for the surrounding schools. The university’s community engagement directorate, moreover, has tried to address the Somali region students in this summer STEM program. Around 250 students joined the training as of July 18, 1016. The training was conducted for five weeks in expense of Dire Dawa University.

As the former community engagement directorate director, W/ro Eskedar Gizat, informed this program was launched to benefit the students who are learning in Dire Dawa city and in surrounding schools. The training aimed to benefit the students to observe and experiment the theories they learnt at their school in the regular program. Accordingly, they observed and did many experiments in the university’s well organized laboratories by well qualified instructors. The director added the students get on hand information and experience about university’s life. This gears the students towards working hard and having a dream to join university.  

The students reflect that they were happy staying in the university for five weeks training. During this time, according to their reflection, they got a lot of knowledge from the experiment they did in the science and technology laboratories that would help them in their future life.

Hopefully the students are expected to share the knowledge and the experience they got from the training to their classmates.

Officially the training is closed on August 27, 2016 by Dr. Mehadi Ege, vice president for research and community services. In the mean time, he suggested that the participants should share the knowledge and the experience they got from the university to the rest of the students in their schools.