Panel Discussion on ‘The 11th National TB Research Conference’ is continued

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Posted on: Mar 23,2016

Day -2, 3/23/2016

Main Theme: Transforming TB response through Research and innovation

Organized by: Federal Ministry of Health, Dire Dawa Regional Health Bureau, Dire Dawa University and Haramaya University

On the second day of TB Conference held in Dire Dawa University, in the morning session alone --- number of abstracts and Poster presentations were made followed by discussions and debates.

The morning session was opened with the lively presentation made by Lelisa Fekadu on the topic entitled “TB control in Ethiopia: progress towards impact country strategy and research priorities”. In the presentation some of the points such as the number of notified TB cases in Ethiopia, TB case detection rate, trends of TB incidence rate, treatment success rate, the current End TB strategy plan, strategic initiatives, and research priority areas were addressed. Following that, the stage was opened for discussions.


In the discussion part a number of points have been forwarded for discussion. The reason for declining of TB cases, the thematic areas of TB research, the heterogeneity occurrence of TB in the country and the need to develop an action plan, the possibility of Diabetic Mellitus & HIV as fueling factors for TB, are the points addressed in the discussions. At last, when the questioning and answering session was completed, the moderator summarized the session.

Three Oral Abstracts entitled  “Tuberculosis follow up prevalence survey after a decade of programme implementation in Southern Ethiopia: a community based cross sectional study”, by Elias Michael ; “Cost Effectiveness of Ambulatory Model of Care during Intensive Phase of Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment in Saint Peter Tuberculosis Specialized Hospital”, by Meseret Hailu; “Biomedical Engineering- Addressing Neglected Component of the Health System to Reduce Its Deterrence to TB Control Efforts”, and  by Gizachew Anteneh, have been presented and hot discussion was followed.

Dr Eyerusalem Kebede, NTP TB/HIV Senior Advisor, had presentation on “Updates on Global Response to end TB/HIV deaths”, which gave the chance to discuss on the points:

  • When to start ART for people living with HIV - early treatment reduces TB infection
  • Diagnostics – WHO endorsed and recommended innovative diagnostics
  • WHO – recommended LF- LAMP for diagnosing HIV patients
  • The next session was given for Dr Andargachew Kumsa to present the topic entitled “Impacting TB/HIV in Ethiopia: Re-invigorating National TB/HIV Responses to end TB/HIV deaths in Ethiopia”. In his lecture, Dr. Andargachew has presented the challenges and opportunities TB /HIV Responses to end TB/HIV deaths in Ethiopia. Subsequently, 3 Plenary Oral Abstract Session were facilitated by the moderater, Dr. Lemessa.
  • In the afternoon session, a Guest Lecture on ‘Evidence Synthesis for Policy decisions on TB Control: Guidance for Adapting the GRADE System in Ethiopia’ has been presented. The presentation was focused on

  • Knowledge to action cycle
  • How to establish guidelines and recommendations
  • Guideline development system
  • Five factors that can lower quality of evidence
  • Three factors that can increase quality of evidence
  • Dr. Yadeta D., from Haramaya University, had a presentation on ‘Main-streaming TB Researches and Innovations into Academic Research Programs: Practices/Experiences, Opportunities and Challenge’

  • Following the presentation, the question and answer session substantiated the discussion. Then after, plenary session on ‘Transforming TB Response through Research and Innovations’, has been presented by five panelists namely:  Dr. Amsalu B, Dr. Abraham A, Dr. Degu J, Dr. Andargachew, DDU, HHU, Dr. Sentayehu, Dr. Daniel Gemechu. Having the health break, participants were grouped in three different conference halls where they are assigned to attend Oral Abstract sessions.