The 11th Conference of Ethiopian Physical Society is Held at Dire Dawa University

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Posted on: Feb 08,2017

Dire Dawa university, Department of Physics as a member of the society, has held the 11th conference of Ethiopian physical society on the 3rd and 4thJanuary 2017.

The conference aimed that research and development in physics have contributed significantly in human civilizations like the industrial and electronic revolutions.  Modern electronic devices like TV, cell phone, computer, radar, airplane, medical diagnosis and treatment equipment and so on are largely resulted from Physics research and development done by physicists. The developed world has benefited economically and culturally from the expansion of physics education at different levels.  Perhaps it is believed that economic and social divisions between west and developing countries can be narrow down dramatically by expanding physics education and research in developing countries among other things.

The Ethiopian physical society in our country was organized years ago to enhance the development of science and technology in line with the government plan. Pursuant to the plan, the society prepares conferences every year in collaboration with a selected Ethiopian university in general andphysics departments in particular. In the conference, community based problem solving researches are presented to the audiences or to the physicists and discusseswould be held in accordance with the findings.