DDIT, Dep’t of Architecture Graduates 36 Students for the Second time

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Posted on: Apr 19,2017

DDIT The Department of Architecture started its Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 2011. This 11 Semester study program provided students with a solid base of knowledge in the creative arts, building science, up-to-date technology and practical skills thereby producing professional architects who will contribute and participate responsibly to the socio-economic and cultural development of Ethiopia’s built environment.

Accordingly, the Department harmonized its curriculum in collaboration with other Universities in 2013. It now focuses on outcome-based learning, giving importance on the actual outputs. The Department upholds its compliance to the UNESCO/UIA charter for Architectural Education and the UIA Accord on recommended International standards of professionalism in Architectural practice. An important component of this curriculum reform is the 10 semester academic study outside the practical internship the proposed internship is added outside of the time schedule.

The Department have produced 33 graduates in 2016 and 36 graduates in 2017. The percentage of employment of our graduates is highly given the country’s need for highly skilled professionals especially in the field of infrastructure.

Today, the Department continues to prepare its students by providing practical skills trainings, creative but competitive environment and innovative entrepreneurial mindset.