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Posted on: Jul 09,2018

National Cement Share Company which is founded in Dire Dawa Administrative Region was established in November 2005. The factory was the first cement plant in Ethiopia, which was established in 1936 by Italians. It was previously called "Dire Dawa Cement Factory".

National Cement Share Company favors Dire Dawa University in various activities. For instance, the company always opens its door for our students’ internship programs. As a result, our students are witness for the company that it let them learn and get practical knowledge. This cooperative and figure company employed more than 140 Dire Dawa University’s graduates so far.

National Cement Share Company, moreover, has been motivating our students awarding Gold Medalist graduates since last year. This Company awarded 30,000 Birr for Six Gold Medalists who were from each colleges and Institute of Technology this year.

Ato Fuad Mohammed stated that this was the least thing that the company did to the Universtiy industry linkage and to the Gold Medalist. He also promised that the company will strengthen the linkage and will continue executing several undertakings with Dire Dawa University. 

Dr. Yared Mammo, president of Dire Dawa University, acknowledged the award and thanked the company and the Company’s delegates for their extraordinary support.  Besides, all the Gold Medalist forwarded their appreciation for the National Cement Share Company for the unexpected award it presented.