Funding Sources and Schemes

  1. Funds for research/projects can be obtained from the following possible sources:

    1. Government Budget

      The government has the budget lines coded, 6417, 6271, 6221, and 6223 that may be used for supporting research. Departments and School should request budget on these lines based on attractive proposals and with strong justifications. Such budgets may be used to cover costs of consumable materials, funds for senior projects/essay, postgraduate students and funds for organizing trainings, seminars and workshops.

    2. Internal research fund
      • Research Fund at the University Level

        The research fund at the University can be raised from 50% of the overhead charges of all projects and from 25% of the consultancy fee accrued to the University and sale of teaching materials and textbooks, if any. In addition to this the University shall allocate research fund from other internal revenue.

      • Research fund at the School/College Level

        Research fund at the School shall be raised from 25% of the consultancy fee accrued to the University, 10% of its internal revenue and an amount allocated from the University research fund.

      • Research fund at the Department Level

        The research fund at the Department shall be raised from the 50% of the consultancy fee accrued to the University for the Services carried out by the Department staffs, 20% of its internal revenue and the amount allocated from the School research fund.

    3. National or International Funding Agencies/NGOs

      Depending up on the nature and scope of the research project, the University shall look for funding from external or international sources. The University shall also encourage individual staff members to look for external and international funding opportunities.
      DDU shall make solicit to other funding opportunities or encourage and facilitate researchers to compete in local and national research grant calls, depending on the quality of their proposals.

  2. Research Funding Schemes

    1. Grants for Academic and research Staffs

      DDU has identified thematic areas across disciplines. The research and community service core process will allocate 90% its research budget for these research thematic areas based on the proposal set criteria. Academic and Research staffs who successfully defended their proposals shall receive grants as per the financial rules of MoFED.

    2. Grant for students

      Financial support for student-researchers is encouraged by the University. But the amount to be granted depends up on the condition and availability of fund.

      • Undergraduate students

        Research consumes resources which require setting priorities. As a public University, DDU relies on the annual recurrent budget from the MoFED. So far, there has not been tradition for funding undergraduate students for their senior essay projects. As the University has expanded tremendously, it has a viable infrastructure that can produce relevant research outputs. This potential needs to be harnessed with appropriation of relevant resources. Due to budget limitation, it is very difficult to allocate research budget for each senior undergraduate students. However, for those students who come up with an innovative and promising research project, the University may allocate reasonable amount of money.

      • Postgraduate Students

        One of the major missions of the University is to undertake research to solve the socioeconomic problems of the country. One way of doing this is, through encouraging postgraduate student researches and by providing the necessary facilities and resources. Accordingly, the University shall allocate research fund for MSc/MA and PhD students on competitive basis of their research proposals. This is applicable to those students who are sponsored by the Ethiopian government.