Research and Projects

  1. Category of Research/Projects at DDU
  2. Depending on sources of funding, there are three categories of research/projects at DDU.
    Category A: Research/projects awarded by DDU to individual staff member(s) through open research calls and competitions. The source of fund of these projects can be the recurrent budget, internal revenue or institutional cooperation projects/programs. These research projects are encouraged not exceed one year in duration and should be totally societal problem solving.
    Category B: Research/projects sponsored by local funding organizations/agencies (regional or national) such as the Ethiopian Science and Technology Agency, Ministry of Education, Regional Governments etc. The grant agreement of these projects is based on the signature of the project writer, the funding agency and the University.
    Category C: Collaborative Research/Projects. These are projects supported by international funding organizations or governments, either through institutional collaboration, direct funding or individual grants.

  3. Completed and on-going research/project works
  4. Final Proceeding - 2015