ICT Support and Maintenance Section

Roles and responsibilities of Support and Maintenance

  • Single point of contact for ICT related issues, problems, requests …
  • Provide quick services to its users, provide problem identification, support and resolution functions to its customers
  • Record, monitor problems being reported to ICT, update users on status of problems, and report on service level metrics for services provided
  • Compile a knowledge base of problems and solutions, for use by first level support personnel
  • Track and report on Service Level performance that it achieves and ICT delivers
  • Maintain failed office equipment (printer, ups, computer, laptops, phones, network devices)
  • Perform preventive maintenance regularly
  • Keep an inventory of maintained and replaced items
  • Prepare depreciation, discarding and replacement plan for equipment

ICT Support and Maintenance Section staff member information

No Full Name Position Phone Number Email
1 Aschalew Demissie Basha Support and Maintenance Section Head +251913478080 aschalew.demissie@ddu.edu.et
2 Aschalew Degu Maintenance Technician-III +251921439712 aschalew.degu@ddu.edu.et
3 Dereje Beyene Maintenance Technician- III +251915732033 Dereje.beyene@ddu.edu.et
4 Teshome Kebede Maintenance Technician- III +251915195604 Teshome.kebede@ddu.edu.et
5 Amanuel Efrem Maintenance Technician- II +251915089642 Amanuel.efrem@ddu.edu.et
6 Dereje Messelle Maintenance Technician- II +251915155215 Dereje.messelle@ddu.edu.et
7 Kuri Abera Support Technician- I +251922385722 Kuri.abera@ddu.edu.et

Contact Us

Aschalew Demissie Basha

Head, ICT Support and Maintenance Section

ICT Directorate Building, 1st Floor

Mobile No. 0913478080/0915732033

Office No. +251-25-4-110618


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