ICT Teaching-Learning Technologies Section

The Teaching-Learning Technologies section of the directorate is responsible to support and enhance teaching and learning at the University through the effective use of pedagogical use of technology that is usable by all instructors and students inorder to achieve the implementation of quality education.

Roles and Responsibilities of Teaching-Learning Technologies Section

  • Work with the academic departments for course material preparation and uploading
  • Plan, implement and manage Digital Library infrastructure
  • Plan, implement and manage the Internet connectivity
  • Create the technical infrastructure within campuses, inter-campuses and inter-universities for video conferencing and tele-education

Teaching-Learning Technologies Section staff member information

No Full Name Position Phone Number Email
Behailu Sorri Acting Head, ICT Teaching-Learning Section 0912708007 behailu.sorri@ddu.edu.et
Azeb Atinafu Content Updator 0913820539 azeb.atinafu@ddu.edu.et
Salhadin Yusuf Content Updator 0915750966 salhadin.yusuf@ddu.edu.et

Contact Us

Behailu Sorri

Acting Head, Teaching-Learning Technologies Section

ICT Directorate Building, 2nd Floor

Mobile No. +251912708007

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