Department of English

Background of the Program

The Department of English Language and Literature was established in the academic year 2007 as one of the six departments constituting the School of Social Science and Humanities (SSSH). Since its establishment, the Department is working towards the achievement of the mission of the country at large and University in particular by producing qualified individuals with the required competence in the modern employment market.
Consistent with the University’s pillars, the Department is involved in teaching, research, community services and consultancy as parts of its academic duties. Besides, all teaching staffs of the Department are well cognizant of the future that they have set a vision to endeavor to be leading resource centre within the university geared to apply scientific knowledge with English language, linguistics, literature and journalism towards a fruitful communication on development and science & technology transfer in the country. Most of the graduates have assumed important positions in various governmental and non-governmental organizations, private companies and institutions.
The program directly supplies graduates who can give professional services in careers such as public relations, media & communication, translations, research, education, and literature. Above all, the Department promotes the idea that education, the source of most wisdoms, is indispensable for the creation and nurturance of certain qualities of mind and habits of inquiry in enhancing aptitude for problem solving, creativity, inquisitiveness, critical intelligence, appreciation and respect for rich diversity of views and perspectives and capacity for reasoned self-criticism, all of which, crucial for the achievement of excellence in the pursuit knowledge, also exemplify characteristics that promote responsible citizenship.
Yet, all these never happen without language especially in the absence of developing and standardizing local languages, and access to written works in the international languages. Understanding the paramount importance of developing languages spoken in the country for different functional domains and the need for English language as one means of communication and information exchange with people of different nations across the world, the Department has worked to launch two undergraduate language programs (Afan Oromo & Somali) and is conducting need assessments to launch a postgraduate (TEFL) program.