Department of Pedagogy and Morality

It is quiet well known that education is the blue print and weapon for the overall development endeavors in the socio economic, political, and socio cultural spheres of a country. Education plays this role by producing professionally and academically qualified, competent, well informed, responsible, socially effective citizens that a country needs for its various development sectors.
In light of this, the Civics and Ethical studies in Dire-Dawa University planned to offer Degree programs in summer. There is increasing demand and optimism as to the relevance and significance of the Discipline. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the course.
As mentioned above the department name is pedagogy and morality but has no degree program in the pedagogical fields . However, it has post graduate diploma in teaching students (PGDT) during summer to teach professional courses for all students completed their undergraduate degree in different fields.
The contribution of this department in producing active and competent citizen to participate in all aspect of socio economic, political, and cultural activities of a country and improving the quality of the education system in general is worth appreciating.