The 4thNational Workshop on Technology Transfer

Experiences showed that Higher Education Institutions (HIEs) and TVET colleges are the backbone and pledge for a country's sustainable growth and transformation. Most developed economies are as a result of the key roles of University scholars practicing in industries enjoyed drastic industrial revolutions. Technology institutions take the lions share in simplifying and improving the lives of people all over the world by being the sources of state of the art technologies, systems, and information. Consistent with the Growth and Transformation Plan of the government, Technology institutions in Ethiopia are also striving to play their key role in transforming the country to have an Industry-Led economy.

Dire Dawa Institute of Technology (DDIT) & Haramaya Institute of Technology (HIT) together are organizing the 4th National Workshop on Technology Transfer with the theme of "Best Practices for Accelerated Product Oriented Technology Transfer." The main objective of it is to bring different stakeholders close together in such a way that Technology institutes/TVETs and Industries in Ethiopia can set common objectives in addressing the problems of the community and in creating indigenous knowledge and skills for initiating self-driven growth and transformation of the country.

What is to be Expected!!!!

  • Well thought presentations on best technology transfer practices;
  • Oral Paper Presentations
  • Invited guests' deliverables by higher government officials and industry owners;
  • High level focused group discussions to identify barriers and remedies;
  • Professional debates on the weakest practice in technology transfer that exist in the country;
  • Promoting the effective flow of TT for successful Technology transfer;
  • Exhibitions on selected technological innovations collected from technology institutions;
  • Critical ways forward for executing specific TT programs effective 2009E.C;

Who are Expected!!!!

  • Higher officials both from national and regional governments;
  • Representatives from Institute of Technologies;
  • Representatives from Universities {vice presidents, deans of technology faculties}
  • Representatives from corporations and Mega projects;
  • Selected but representative industries from all over the country;
  • DDU & HU management representatives;
  • Representatives from stakeholders {GiZ, technology consultants, and other NGOs}
  • Student Representatives.
  • Technical and Vocational Colleges (private & government;

Important Dates:

  • Submission (Full Paper): Jan 15, 2017
  • Notification of Acceptance: Jan 20, 2017
  • Workshop Date: Feb 08-10, 2017
  • You can download Full Paper Submission Template here: